When this is over, they will need us more than ever.

When this is over, they will need us more than ever. image




Don't forget them. Please.

To ensure the safety of our dedicated employees, volunteers, and adopters, Protectors of Animals' cat and dog shelters are temporarily closed, with most of our precious animals now in foster homes. POA SPAY, our low-cost spay/neuter clinic is closed as well. This temporary loss of our clinic, which performs approximately 450 surgeries each month, prevents us from helping the animals and people who need us the most. And that need is not going to go away because we are closed. As difficult as this is for Protectors of Animals, we are committed to opening again in the near future when it is safe for everyone. But we need your help.

None of us know what the future will bring. But one thing is certain; we are committed to our mission of improving the lives of dogs and cats in the communities we serve. We always count on our family of generous donors, and today with the loss of adoption and surgical services fees, we need your gift more than ever. These are unprecedented times, and with your help, we will always be there for the animals.